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It all started out as an idea to test the e-commerce space, as the giant online retailers stepped into the digital shopping space. It seemed exciting as people were really new to the concept of selling and purchasing products virtually. In early days, eCarpetGallery had fewer rugs, but a very strong proof of concept. Slowly over time, the rug industry started gaining customer attention and with growing customer demands, our product line expanded to tens of thousands of rugs with unique designs, colors, sizes and shapes.

Based in Montreal and New York since 1996, we have sold millions of rugs to date. Today, eCarpetGallery has become one of North America's most popular home décor e-retailers with an extraordinary collection of traditional and modern rugs.

Like many of you, we understand that finding a high-quality rug at an affordable price can be difficult. Since, we operate through our e-commerce store we directly source our handmade rugs in bulk from local weavers and therefore, no middleman is involved. That’s how we're able to bring to you the world’s most unique and exclusive rug styles at optimal prices. We have full control on our in-stock inventory, product warranty,and customer support. This is what differentiates us.

With over 20 years of experience, we've got to say, finding a great rug has never been simpler. We not only provide you with the largest assortment but also ensure customer satisfaction by helping you select and buy a rug. Rest assured, you will have a wonderful shopping experience with us.

We've dedicated ourselves to build the best collection of handmade one-of-a-kind rugs from around the world. Over the years, we've expanded from hand knotted, flatweave, handmade to machine woven . That being said, we've been making great strides to bring unique rug styles at your doorstep.

As an add-on bonus, shopping is made even easier with free shipping to Canada* and the continental United-States with a 30-Day return policy.

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